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How to run Chef Test Kitchen in Azure DevOps builds using Microsoft hosted (free) agents.

Learn how to use free Microsoft hosted agents in Azure DevOps to run Chef Test Kitchen. Examples of azure-pipeline files using only PowerShell as well as the Chef Integration from the marketplace using variables and variable groups. **Updated 7/12/2019**

5 minute read

Reminder: There is a limit of one parallel (concurrent) build on private azure devops projects. If your project is public, you can run 10 parallel builds for free.

My First Experience Coding With Terraform

Is it worth it? Sacrifices and kewl facts about Terraform

9 minute read

Over the past four years when deploying cloud infrastructure, I have always worked with/written ARM templates (Azure Resource Manager). I have worked at companies where .NET development is very prevalent and Microsoft products were heavily purchased.

Earlier this year, I took a new job and it required different thinking and logic on how to apply and recommend tool sets due to the new company’s size (it is much larger than my previous employer).

There are many studies that show this approach…

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