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How to add conditional Ruby logic in the Test Kitchen file

Learn how to add ruby evaluations into the test kitchen file

2 minute read

Recently, version 0.15.0 of the kitchen-azurerm gem came out which featured a breaking change for our chef cookbooks. A change was introduced that allowed the user to pass in the name for the network interface card and changed the default name from nic to nic-<vm-name>. We needed to support either format.

How to use ssl winrm for test kitchens running in Azure

How to update Chef test kitchen to ensure communication over winrm ssl in Azure. Note: ssl is NOT the default configuration for communication. This post will discuss what the default configuration is and how to update it, making it more secure

4 minute read

Have you ever looked in the cert store after your test kitchen in Azure spins up (or is in the process of spinning up)? In the personal store for the computer, there will be a cert issued with the name of the vm. Now you might think:

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