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Dina Muscanell

Fierce. DevOps. Engineer

Professional Experience

During her time in Rochester, NY she has worked for Xerox as remote systems engineer, writing internal whitepapers for troubleshooting multifunctional printers used by the support staff. She also worked for Harris HF Communications, a department of defense contractor, testing tactical radios used by our armed forces to ensure the packets being sent by the machines were encrypted.

After leaving Rochester, she moved to New York City where she spent 5 years in Private Banking technology with JPMorgan Chase mostly as a Release engineer.

Moving again, she ended up in Chicago where she worked for Relativity for 3.5 years. She held many responsibilities at Relativity, but her favorite times were spent with the environment automation team and automation task force, brute forcing Relativity’s cloud deployment and iterating overtime to make things better. The team was not only responsible for the cloud deployment, but the configuration of the distributed product in the cloud as well. Due to her hard working, never give up, automate all the things approach, she was promoted to a Senior Systems Engineer during her time at Relativity.

Most recently, relocating to Vermont she continued her tenure with Relativity as a remote employee until September 2018. As of September, she has taken on a new challenge, joining Allscripts as a Principal Systems Engineer where she plans to continue to spread DevOps practices by showing how easy it can truly be to start on the DevOps journey.


When I am not working as a DevOps ninja, you might find me appreciating all the unique beer, wine and food Burlington, Vermont has to offer. I have lived in New York City and Chicago and can easily settle any debate about which pizza is better; the answer is obviously New York pizza! I am VIP…Very Into Pizza.

I enjoy traveling and it usually serves as a much needed reminder of the beatiful planet earth we call home. My lastest trip was to Maui, Hawaii. After visiting Maui, I understand why there are so many different shades of the colors green and blue in crayola crayons, they really do exist!!

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to hang loose!

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